The Press Distribution Charter is intended to ensure you receive a good service, helping you to sell more newspapers and magazines.

The sorts of things you can expect to be backed by the Charter are listed below. Click on a category to view more information. For full details, download the charter.

Terms & Conditions

Clear Terms and Conditions from your wholesaler which meet the minimum standards of the Charter.


The wholesaler will issue its own Terms and Conditions of Business.


Any changes to the wholesaler's Terms and Conditions of Business will be communicated to retail customers in writing, giving not less than six weeks' notice.


The standards of the Press Distribution Charter will be incorporated by each wholesaler into its Terms and Conditions of Business.


All information and data belonging to a retailer will be handled in accordance with the Data Protection Act.


Deliveries of newspapers and magazines on time and in a saleable condition.


Availability of and access to clear documentation so you know what you have received.


Access to useful information to help you manage your supplies.

Credited unsolds

Unsold newspapers and magazines will be collected from retailers and credited promptly and accurately.


An effective system for processing and crediting vouchers.


A detailed invoice from which you can understand all charges and credits relating to your business.

Q & As

The opportunity to ask your wholesaler questions and receive answers about your bill or the service you receive.


Support from your wholesaler on sub-retailing.

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Read the full Charter or keep a copy for your records by downloading the document as a PDF.

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What if things go wrong?

Problems occur from time to time. Most issues can be quickly resolved with the help of the Charter. However in the event that problems are more serious or persistent, there is a complaints process.

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